JVG Club

If you wear a Johann von Goisern, you dare to be different.

You‘ll be inspired by the glasses, the design and quality, and the unique story behind each pair of JVG glasses.

In order to keep alive this inspiration, we launched a club specifically for owners of a JVG.
Membership is free. The only requirement is to be the owner of an original Johann von Goisern and its associated certificate card number.


As a club member you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A special “Welcome to the Club”-package
  • Exclusive information, such as descriptions, images, and videos about the manufacturing and processing of your glasses
  • A detailed overview of all models and colors (360 °-view high resolution images and all the technical details)
  • Exclusive JVG Club products (fashion accessories, jewelry, drinks,…)
  • Gifts to be won on a regular basis (iPads, smartphones,…)
  • …and much more!


Go to the JvG-Club >>> www.jvg.club



Already have a pair of JVG glasses, but no certificate card number?
Then get your belated certificate card now – free of charge. To do so, please fill out a short form and we will send you your card as soon as possible.

Get the form here.