Privacy Policy

We thank you for your interest in our website. It is very import for us to process your personal data safely. Here you will find a short overview which data is processed how, and what control you have over how we use your data.


Data of partner-companies, for contract fulfilment

We only create customer accounts when you want to buy our products. Besides normal contact and address information we also collect data like VAT-number, bank data, etc. – everything necessary for contract fulfilment or mandatory by law.

To ship the ordered products to you, we forward your contact and address information to delivery carriers (e.g. DPD, Post). If necessary, we must also give your data to representatives of the law, courts, etc.

If already set with your account manager, we also save the VIP-level associated with your customer account. This way we can make sure you will receive all promised service benefits.


Newsletter for partner-companies

To keep you up to date about our products, we send regular newsletters. If you don’t want to receive these, just let us know: a short e-mail to [email protected] or a call to +43 6135 7465 with the short info, that you don’t want to receive the newsletter any more, is enough. No explanation is necessary.


Visibility of partner-companies in our Shop-Finder

To make it possible for potential customers to find you, we provide your contact and address data, as well as a short info about which collections you obtain from us through our Shop-Finder. This happens automatically, thus we can’t guarantee that the data (including the position on the map, which is determined automatically over the address) is correct or up to date. We also reserve the right to manually change entries (for example, if a partner-company wishes to display an e-mail address that differs from our system).

If you do not want to be part of our Shop-Finder, just let us know. We make sure that your entry is removed on the next work day. Please also inform us about incorrect or obsolete data – we will try to fix the affected entries as soon as possible. You can contact us under [email protected] or +43 6135 7465.


Orders of partner-companies through our web-shop

On request we register you for our web-shop ( For orders made through the shop, our terms and conditions for online orders apply. The web-shop is solely for opticians – we will never sell frames to end clients through this web-shop. If you want to close your web-shop account, just let us know via [email protected] or +43 6135 7465.


Data of JvG-Club members, for fulfilment of promised services

When you register for the JvG-Club, we create a customer account with access to the JvG-Club area. In addition to your contact and address information we also collect information about the frames you registered, as well as their certificate card numbers. This usually also decides your JvG-Club VIP-level, which increases the discount you get on JvG-Club fan articles and merchandise.

To send you your personalised member card and our small welcome gift, we forward your address to a delivery carrier (e.g. DPD, Post).


Data of JvG-Club members, for contract fulfilment

If you order something from the JvG-Club area, our terms and conditions for online orders over our web-shop ( apply.


Newsletter for JvG-Club members

The JvG-Club has been formed to keep you up to date with everything related to Johann von Goisern. Because of this, we assume that through registering, you also want to receive our newsletter.

If that is not the case, just let us know: a short e-mail to [email protected] with the short info, that you don’t want to receive the newsletter any more, is enough. No explanation is necessary.


Usage of cookies and Google Analytics for web-analysis

To make the browsing experience on this website as comfortable as possible, so called cookies might be created. Cookies are small files which are stored on the device you use to visit this website. Such cookies can be deleted or blocked one by one or in bulk through your browser. It is possible that some functions of this website will not work as intended after blocking certain cookies.

This website also uses Google Analytics – a web analysis Service of Google Inc. ( This service uses such cookies, among other things, to collect and store data about the usage of this website. This transfer usually goes to a server owned by Google in the US. Through the activation of IP-anonymization your IP-address will usually be shortened before it is transferred to Google. Only in some case this shortening happens after the transfer. In any case, through our use of Google Analytics your IP-address will not be combined with any other data from Google.

If you do not wish that Google Analytics collects data about your IP-address and usage of web-pages through your browser at all (meaning on any website you visit), you can install the following browser-plugin:


Your rights

You have the right to request information on all your personal data we have stored. Additionally, you have the right to request correction, deletion, restriction or partly limitation of this data. You may also object to the processing of your personal data for direct advertising purposes. All of these services are provided for free. If you want to take advantage of one or more of these services, please contact:

Au 131
4822 Bad Goisern a.H.
+43 6135 7465
[email protected]