Our glasses live from their extraordinary design. Inspired by the nature and animal world of the region, the designs for Johann von Goisern have always been developed by ourselves. Every shape and colour combination is carefully selected so that every colour, every model, and thus every collection is harmonious but at the same time unique.
Each shape has its own character: from classic to modern, quiet to striking, serious to playful. The right glasses complement your own head shape and underline its characteristics. For many designers, choosing the right shape is the last step – for us it’s the first!
Once we have found a suitable shape, the design of the corresponding colour combinations begins. These are matched to the characteristics of the shape and play with its features. Thus, with each colour combination a completely unique frame is created.
The right glasses caress the eyes like the right frame caresses a beautiful work of art. Since the eyes play a central role in interpersonal communication, their literal “frame” has a great impact on the personal appearance.

With the many different colours and shapes there is definitely a suitable Johann von Goisern for every wearer of glasses!

For our frames we only use cotton acetate (or cellulose acetate, consisting of 97% cotton). Before processing, we refine the raw material to create our special colour combinations. For this purpose we have developed our own technology, which allows us to combine up to 20 different layers in a single combination.
How are the Johann von Goisern colour combinations created? Discover the special technology that makes our designs possible!