The Johann von Goisern annual theme for 2019: Dare to be different
The “Dare to be different” campaign 2019 is intended to highlight the trademark of Johann von Goisern: our unique laminating technique. A variety of colours that fits the face: Johann von Goisern combines harmonious design and top quality to create eyewear fashion that inspires!
Whoever decides to wear a Johann von Goisern dares to be different. This decision influences – literally!
This fact has inspired us strongly for 2019: The striking layered look of our Johann von Goisern glasses is not only an eye-catcher for the wearer’s surroundings, but also influences the wearer’s everyday life itself. No matter what the situation – Johann von Goisern glasses bring colour and positivity into life, which inspires and inspires again and again.

The scene depicted shows how this concentrated enjoyment of life literally flows out of Johann von Goisern’s layers of colour and illuminates the wearer’s surroundings. Serenity, creativity or zest for action – every mood profits from the colourful influence. Even environments clouded by the grey everyday life are transformed into something pleasant.