Annual theme 2022

The Johann von Goisern annual theme 2022: Dare to be different In a world where even museums are nothing but monochrome cement buildings and the constant grey dominates, a colourful eyewear brand breaks through this barrier of bleakness and dreariness. The scenery...

Annual Theme 2021

The Johann von Goisern annual theme 2021: Dare to be different Each Johann von Goisern is a unique creation, prepared with extraordinary ingredients. In doing so, it travels a long way from design expertise through various phases of craftsmanship before being arranged...

Annual theme 2020

Wearing a Johann von Goisern frame is not just about choosing a high quality product, but also about immersing yourself in an exciting story that distinguishes the brand from mainstream glasses.

Annual theme 2019

The “Dare to be different” campaign 2019 is intended to highlight the trademark of Johann von Goisern: our unique laminating technique. A variety of colours that fits the face: Johann von Goisern combines harmonious design and top quality to create eyewear fashion that inspires!