The Johann von Goisern annual theme 2022: Dare to be different

In a world where even museums are nothing but monochrome cement buildings and the constant grey dominates, a colourful eyewear brand breaks through this barrier of bleakness and dreariness.

The scenery here not only shows how the former work of art breaks out of the frame and becomes reality, but also takes parts of the manufacturing region of a Johann von Goisern with it, which have a great influence on the spectacle frames and their colouring: Animals, flowers and nature.

Each individual layer of a Johann von Goisern embodies the unique colour diversity of the Salzkammergut, both flora and fauna. The colourful artwork leaves its frame here – flooded with the joie de vivre and colourfulness of the Johann von Goisern – to offer the future JvG wearer garish colourations out there.