The Johann von Goisern annual theme 2023: Dare to be different

A Johann von Goisern has always had its origins in Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt. Inspired by the surrounding region that is in each of its strips, it also attracts international exotics while remaining anchored as a piece of history of the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut.

The scenery here shows a Johann von Goisern as a “treasure from the Salzkammergut”. In the process, it attracts fish species from all over the world with its colourful exterior and unusual design and captivates them with its unique countenance.

When rays of light break through the magnificent colourful stripes, the result is an arcadian overall picture in any situation. The picturesque Salzkammergut then becomes a paradisiacal hotspot where the light meets the JvG and Lake Hallstatt thus becomes a colourful ocean.