When the frosty winter months slowly come to an end and the spring sun exposes the shimmering colours beneath the melting snow, all kinds of colour nuances come to the fore. A Johann von Goisern captures these plays of colour and shares their feelings of happiness with the wearer and their surroundings.

With 10 new models in 5 new colours each, the current JvG collection presents itself with strong spring tones such as pink, shining yellow and green, completed with soft grey tones and havana brown.

The new JvG collection captures the warm, colourful feeling of spring and its splendour, while perfectly flattering the wearer with original looks.


A colourful start to the new season

In the women’s frames, the two absolute trend colours “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Grey” are included in numerous models and, with extraordinary materials, lead to the completion of the wonderfully colourful glasses (743 V84, 741 V71, 739 V65, 738 V57, 737 V52, V55).

The design language is adapted to the international trend. Here, the tendency towards large shapes can be seen, as can be found in the models J737, J738 and J739.

J744 V88

In the men’s model J744 in the colour V88, the two trend colours of 2021 are reflected in all their facets. A real eye-catcher for self-confident men who like to be fashionably up-to-date.

J742 V76

A complementary colour duet is created in this frame by combining the colours orange-ochre and indigo blue. Materials specially made in France were used for this. J743 V76 was inspired by a sunset by the sea that shines so harmoniously in the orange and blue tones that one longs for a holiday on the beach.

J742 V77

Shades of pink continue to be in vogue this year and are a delight to the eye. Inspired by an imposing flamingo, V77 fuses several shades of pink and marigold into a harmonious masterpiece.

J739 V65

“Illuminating” in combination with pink tones and “Ultimate Grey”. These trendy glasses for 2021 fit right in with the current fashion scene. The oversized shape was inspired by a cateye shape and thus particularly flatters the eye area. A unique feature of this frame are the two-tone temples with a strong proportion of the Pantone colour “Illuminating.”

J738 V57

“Ultimate Grey” is shown to its best advantage in this frame, especially in the temples. Inspired by the trend colour, a very unique colour combination of pink and berry tones has been created, combined with various patterns that perfectly round off the overall look.

J737 V54

The colours “Beach Glass” and “Blue Atoll” are the main focus of this frame. These will be frequently encountered in fashion in 2021. In terms of design, this model reminded us of the colours of a lake. For example, the large Attersee lake in the Salzkammergut region – all these wonderful blue tones are reflected in it on a beautiful summer’s day.

J736 V49

“Beach Glass” combined with “Pirouette” results in a wonderfully harmonious colour combination with a strong contrasting line. The pastel colour gradations are another highlight of this year and hard to imagine the scene without them.