“The colours for spring/summer 2023 are recalibrated for the new era we are entering. We mix escapism with reality. Wholeness and joy and welcome the exploration of extreme contrasts in mood and colour. This season’s colours are grounding and basic while an uplifting, vital sense of play shines through.”
– Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute.

The new Pantone colour of the year “Viva Magenta” as an example, represents reflection, change and innovation.
A bold purple hue bordering on warm pink and cool violet charms the viewer of the eye-catching colour.

Inspired by the world of the Salzkammergut

The colour selection of the 50 new frames processes the trends of the year on the one hand and completes them with natural colours on the other, inspired by the breathtaking landscape of the Austrian Salzkammergut in the middle of the Alps. This year, medium-sized shapes are once again captivating their viewers, thanks to the current trend.

Two-coloured temples, lattice materials or even special milling and laser finishes, as in the Art collection, already show where the year 2023 will lead: just not boring, the more unusual the better.

“Viva Magenta”, the Pantone Trend Colour 2023, is reflected excitingly in the frames JA07 Z87, J777 X07 or J783 X37 (from top to bottom), for example. Different magenta shades cleverly intertwine here and create an exciting overall work.

“Fiery Red” and “Cherry Tomato” are the names of this year’s red trend colours. The Johann von Goisern models in which they are presented are as expressive as these strong shades. In the men’s model JA020 Z99 (above), the red is harmoniously combined with a charismatic “Electric Blue Lemonade”. The women’s model J779 in the colour X15 (below) combines the new trendy shades of red with other wonderful shades of red and thus creates a place for itself among the trendsetters.

Of course, blue glasses must not be missing in 2023. The frames J785 X48 (above) and JA018 Z92 (below) here skilfully show how many shades of blue work together in harmony.

The J781 X25 frame combines colours from nature, as they are also found in the wonderful nature of the Salzkammergut. Dominant colours like “Titanite Green” meet delicate “Pink Cosmos” and unite with “Spring Crocus” and isolated mother-of-pearl tones.

The colour “Titane Green” is also a must for men’s eyewear in 2023. Frame J786 X51 combines the yellow-green natural tone with sophisticated earthy colours. The scenery is reminiscent of the mighty tops of a fir forest struggling up out of the boggy ground of the transitional period. A green woodpecker towers triumphantly at the top, lending the overall picture something majestic.

JA018 Z89
“Persimmon” is this year’s exotic trend colour, reminiscent of a colourful coral reef on a South Sea holiday. Combined with the colour of the year “Viva Magenta” and a delicate “Cream”, only our new lattice patterns break this harmonious overall impression and result in an impressive expressionist work of art. A wonderful Johann von Goisern Art frame with new circle engraving reminiscent of water bubbles.

We also incorporate trendy colours like “Strawberry Cream” into the fancy Art frame JA016 Z83. The fragile pink tones are flattered by patterned temples and create a unique play of shapes that consists of controversy and harmony in equal measure.

Yellow and petrol playfully alternate in J783 X38. When you look at it, you get a pleasant feeling reminiscent of the South Seas, sunrise and warm rays of light.

Caramel meets peach in a sweet mix. Version J782 X30 takes pastel trend colours like “Grayed Jade”, “Tender Peach” and “Mocha Mousse” and garnishes them as eye candy in a classic shape.